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Stop buying bottled water

Category: By El Subliminal
I heard about this on NPR a couple of years back.
The clincher for me was the following fact:
If you spend $1 on bottled water, you spend close to 70 cents
towards the transport of the ruddy water. Transport = burning of gas + pollution.
Transport for something we can get for free.

Sure I guess there is a need for bottled water in places like India for sanitary reasons.
But here and in Europe?

Don't be a douche. Stop buying bottled water.

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  1. dBera May 5, 2008 at 2:27 PM
    If you keep applying that principle then pretty much everything is prohibited (except being a cave man). E.g., nuclear power is more expensive and environmentally worse than fossil fuel (there is a paper out there if you want details).

    Also, a lot of bottled water simply bottles tap water. The disclaimer is in fine words on the side but people buy them thinking they are spring water. It fun to be the scapegoat of modern day advertising, isn't it :) ?
  2. El Subliminal May 5, 2008 at 2:38 PM
    First premise - nuclear power is NOT environmentally worse. Show me the paper - probably its sponsored by Shell and likes.

    There is TONS of solid scientific evidence that nuclear power is much much more environmentally better than conventional fossil fuels. Sure it may be more expensive (currently), but i'm willing to pay more for a better world for my kids.

    Secondly it does not make sense for water, because its easily available!
    I wouldn't, for instance, say the same for mangoes in the US , only coz they are not available here!

    And of course, if you take anything too far, you'll always end up in farcical scenarios. The best thing for the environment will be if all of us commit suicide.

    This is why it is bad to optimize on only one parameter ;)
  3. dBera May 5, 2008 at 3:40 PM

    and start from there ... I am not fully supporting it, but I dont "fully" believe the positive facts about nuclear power either because... well... because I havent had time to educate myself and verify everything. Nothing is a simple black or white for me till I am verify the claims myself.

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