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Pusillanimity and Indian Sports

Category: , By El Subliminal
Lot has been said on why only cricket looms large on the Indian psyche, why other sports are languishing, and why its not good to put all eggs in one basket ; cricket.

However, I would also like to blame people in other sports not really caring enough or not voicing their concerns enough. Case in point: this interview with Vishy Anand.
Time and again Karan Thapar gives Anand many opportunities to lash out against cricket, and
generally use his status and his celebrity to represent his sport and other sports as well to make a strong point - enough is enough, we need to develop and foster other sports as well.

What does Anand do though? Gives dumb diplomatic answers. Anand, dude, we like you and we are really proud of you. You've earned all your kudos (and money) the hard way and you deserve it.
But please, for the love of all that is good, grow a pair and say what is obvious -
"what is being done for other sports is not enough you bitches! We need more, lots more!"

Me thinks it is morally incumbent on Anand, being in the unique position he is, to lead the way. Instead he opts out. Disappointing.

Perhaps i'll find where he lives in Spain and TP his house..

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