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Gas Tax Bill: Faster than a speeding bullet?

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Much has been made recently of the so-called Gas-Tax Holiday, dubbed by the Obama campaign as the McCain-Clinton holiday. Forget for a moment the merits of the proposal, which, dubious though it may seem to many of us, does have its backers. Hillary Clinton has been selling the 3 month federal gas tax holiday to Indiana voters as something she will implement starting this summer.

Here's where I have a problem. Clinton is a Senator. For this bill to be passed into law, she first must propose it to the Senate, where, at least at the moment, it appears the majority do not support the plan. Even lawmakers from her own state are skeptical for the idea. Nevertheless, let us assume that she rallies enough support to pass the bill through the Senate. Oh, and through the House of Representatives, meaning over 500 members of Congress must approve this bill.

Assuming the bill gets that far, it then is presented to the President, Dubya himself. I cannot imagine the Republican president, in an election year, passing any bill that has been championed by, not only a Democrat, but a Democrat seeking to establish a political dynasty of sorts, even if the bill was originally paraded by McCain. However, let us assume Dubya, in a weak moment (not out of the realm of possibility) does sign the bill into law.

I know by now your brain is hemorrhaging at the idea, but please indulge me once more. Assuming all of this somehow takes place, we are to believe that this bill will be signed, sealed, and delivered by the beginning of summer (i.e. June 1). For those who are calenderagorically challenged, today is May 6. Even if she proposed it today, (not likely; by the way, when is the last time these senators did the jobs we're paying them for?) in just over three weeks, both houses of Congress, and then the Executive branch (neither known for their sharp attendance) are going to convene, agree, vote, and pass this bill??? And we're supposed to believe this???

Even Superman couldn't operate this quickly (but perhaps flying pigs do).

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  1. El Subliminal May 7, 2008 at 4:07 AM
    As an ex-roomie would say "No Shit Sherlock!"
    To be honest, after the Bridge to Nowhere fiasco, nothing fazes me. ah well, back to work.

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