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How can she slap me?!!

Category: By El Subliminal
Hiatus ends with this.
Biggest news to come from India. What is most interesting (and depressing) at the same time
is the portion where our protagonist (Ravi Bhatia) , despite getting his arse whopped, yells "How can she slap me SIR".

This is truly sad as despite being in a traumatic situation, he still remembers to address one of his attackers as "Sir". The socio-economic biases are so deep rooted, its not even funny.
Then you have the grade A asshole - the co-host (I won't waste innocent pixels on talking about the bitch of a co-host), putting the guy in place , talking about 'aukaad', which translates to 'position'. And the co-host knew he could get away doing anything.

Another similar incident
Sickening, the bully knew he was going to get away with it. 

Only in India.


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