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India and Nuke Deal(The Trust Vote)

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So am happy that the UPA has defeated the whiny lefties and the fascist right wingers.
Not only that, the PM did it with style.
I thought it was brilliant of the PM to contrast his own record (impeccable) with that of Advani's (the bloody thug). And I'm also surprised and elated that the PM decided to lace his own vision with good science and technology.
I only hope that now the govt. will act soon and finalize the nuke deal before the democrats come to power.


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  1. harjot July 23, 2008 at 7:44 PM
    I agree that the PM delivered a hard hitting speech. But Omar Abdullah really stole the show with his speech:
    This speech is now widely regarded as the best speech delivered in parliament in recent times and received effusive praise from all.

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