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Mumbai Terror Attacks - Talking Points

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Quite obviously, I've been mulling over topics that most people have been mulling over the last few days - under water basket weaving. 

Seriously though, this post is to list some of the talking points which I hope to address  - some aspects of the whole affair which have not been adequately addressed everywhere else - on this blog.

These include:

a) The sucky media coverage. The Indian media has clearly failed miserably. I can't decide what sucks more - the completely disgusting and inept media coverage, or the Indian government not having a consistent PR strategy that may have contributed to the perceived ineptness.

b) Bias in the western media towards Pakistan. While I have to give it to the suave Pakistani spokespeople (compared to the slobby, overweight people put out by the Indian Govt. as official spokesmen), the western media has had a consistent bias against India for a long time.

c) Political Correctness - that I think is one of the single biggest factors of the continuing decline of civilization as we know it - and how it is affecting the current crisis. 

d) Colossal ineptitude of the Indian Authorities: This is sure to ruffle the feathers of many readers, but it has to be addressed. The image of pot-bellied Mumbai cops storming to 
engage the terrorists does not exactly inspire confidence.  

Stay tuned.

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