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Creationists: Eat this!

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A brilliant post by Hitchens as usual. Most idiots propounding intelligent design often use as an example the eye. How can something as complex as the eye come about by evolution? Surely there must be a higher force driving the creation of the eye. Ya whatever.

The piece is about cave salamanders, which live in caverns around the world. The amazing thing is that since these creatures have been living in an area where there is no light, these animals have lost the need for eyes and hence have no eyes.

This is mind boggling. Read the bit about what Dawkins says - awesome.

Science - 1 , Stupidity - 0

Take that all you I.D. cretins..

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  1. Tracer Bullit July 21, 2008 at 2:12 PM
    Good stuff. Actually, the human eye is pathetically simple compared to those of other organisms, and don't get me started on our utter lack of useful "night vision", which by the way many "lesser" organisms possess. From a scientist's perspective, I find the human body so full of errors and vestigial structures (tails, appendix, junk DNA) that the design could hardly be considered intelligent. Dawkins' "An Ancestor's Tale" is brilliant stuff, for those interested.

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