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Celtics Win

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So let me jump into the hot-topic-posting bandwagon and take this space to talk about a
current hot topic - underwater basket weaving.

I keed, I keed. Celtics won their 17th championship yesterday. Personally, ever since I moved to Boston, I have witnessed 2 Patriots championships, 1 Celtics championship and of all things, 2 Red Sox championships. So life in my sports world, is great to say the least (ok, not entirely, India crashed and burned in WC cricket as usual, but I digress).

But what I'd like to write about is the general apathy which people have here in Boston for all teams not called Red Sox. Don't get me wrong, fans here are great and are exceptionally loyal (say compared to the fickle Dallas fans; I will let tracer Bullit comment on that). But even while watching Celtics crushing the Lakers (or Pats crushing everyone else), you will hear the common refrain - " Yankees suck!!".

I mean cmon people. I realize most of you are sozzled but show some respect will you? What do the bloody yankees have to do with the lakers except both of them suck? or ARod has to do with Manning except both of them are losers and are pansies?

Give some credit where it is due. Congrats to the Celtics and to KG.
And ya, yankees do suck.

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