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What price the future of the planet: Solar Energy in Germany

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First off, I wasn't aware that such a law even existed. Its a standard ploy - incentivize adoption of a technology (Solar Power) which most people are dumb to consider, even though it'll help them in the long run.

But if the article is true, this is indeed disheartening - kill off incentives and subsidies.
And I find some arguments for killing the incentives specious at the very least.

First of all, why should one not consider the rising fossil fuels costs? As well as declining costs of  solar power? Fine, there is a severe shortage of silicon, but even considering that, with the tons of funding going into renewable sources of energy, solar power is bound to become more efficient and cheaper.

And of course the fundamental point is - folks, pay up now! Else your children will not have a planet to live in!! 


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