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Elections '08: Not so Fast?

Category: , By Satchal
Many political pundits, as well as folks such as myself, are ready to hand this Democratic nomination to Barack Obama. Clearly in the last week he has weathered Hillary Clinton's latest storm and has built momentum for himself in spite of losing West Virginia by a substantial margin. And yet, in spite of steadily increasing pressure to drop out, Senator Clinton will remain in the race, where she seemingly has two horses remaining. She will win Kentucky substantially, and much is being made of Puerto Rico, which is a "winner-take-all" state where she has a clear advantage, not to mention 60+ delegates up for the taking. Netting a 30% victory in Kentucky and 61 Puerto Rican delegates would no doubt add substantial momentum to her campaign.

However, it appears this is not in fact true. According to this Washington Post article, Puerto Rico is not only not winner-take-all, it is in fact a caucus state, which has been favorable to Obama this election season. It appears Puerto Rico has only appeared to be "winner-take-all" in the past two seasons when no other viable candidate was listed on the ballot. Its doubtful much of an issue will be made of this, anyway, mainly because the media has decided that Obama has won, at least for now.

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